About BawkBox - The Widget Platform

BawkBox's mission is to give users the tools they need to build their websites without technical experience or knowledge. We are helping make web development more accessible, one widget at a time.

What do we do?

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Vancouver, BawkBox is one of the top plugin and widget sites on the web with over 100,000 installed widgets to date. At BawkBox we believe in the power of the web and believe that everyone should be able to be able to build a website the way they want without a CS degree.

With just a few clicks you too can get started for free and start engaging and connecting with your users with our library of widgets with zero programming experience. With BawkBox you can create professional-looking website without the high cost of custom development or technical knowledge to do so, improving your customer experience.

The Team

Clark Van Oyen
CEO & Founder
Arielle Baldwynn
Product Manager
Julie Van Oyen
Product Marketing
Ferdinand Polpol
Backend Developer
Joao Paulo Furtado
Frontend Developer
Valentina Stepan
Lead Designer